Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's amazing to me what levels of fucked-upness I will stoop to with my two-year-old in order to get things done.

My iPhone is a life saver to distract Avery. She knows how to watch videos and play games and stream Barney on Netflix. Sure, she loves to get into my Words with Friends and forfeit my games because it makes me cry, but it's worth it. 

Its the best thing ever ever ever. She especially loves interactive games, and especially loves Roby the Robot. Roby dances and repeats what you say in a creepy robotic voice and she loves him. 

Roby really came through today when I discovered that you could type a message for him to repeat in afore-mentioned creepy robotic voice.  

Perrrrrfect to trick an illiterate toddler into thinking the cool dancing robot is giving her orders instead of Mrs. Lame Boringmommypants (that's me). 

Watch and Learn:


Muhahaha the power!

In other news, I am still fasting. Felt pretty good this morning, nearly chewed on my steering wheel driving home from Gymboree, and am kinda just existing right now. 

Only 3 and a half more days... I can do it!


  1. Bwahahahaa! That is the best thing I've seen all day! I think I need one now...

  2. Awesome.

    I have an iPod Touch and I don't share with my kids. I should, but they always have sticky hands.

  3. If I had an iphone, my son would probably ruin it.

    Avery is a more responsible toddler than Conrad. ;)

  4. Bahahahahahaha that's hilarious! I loved the don't touch your hair after mommy does it! Did it work?? I would so be down to stooping that low to trick my kids as well!

  5. That's amazing. Good luck on your fast! You can do it!

  6. I did a fast for 2 days. I nearly died. Its hard to be around ANYONE else who is eating. I want to stab their foreheads with a fork.

    On the upside, that robot is AWESOME!!!

  7. I LOVE my iphone! I'm quite a bit obsessed with it actually. I just wish there was something on it to distract my 2 month old, cause somedays I very well feel like I will lose my freaking mind!